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The god of luck favors the brave

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Rockefellers 38 Letters to His SonThe 27th Letter: The God of Fortune favors the brave Dear John: A few days ago, your sister Saidi happily told me that she had fallen into luck and said that the stock in her hand was like a slave of Baiyib
Rockefeller’s 38 Letters to His Son——The 27th Letter: The God of Fortune favors the brave
  Dear John:
A few days ago, your sister Saidi happily told me that she had fallen into luck and said that the stock in her hand was like a slave of Baiyibaishun who listened to her orders, and was helping her with a lot of money. Come back home.
   I think that Sadie may be happy and crazy now, but I don't want her to be overwhelmed by the money. I told her to be careful to believe that luck will throw herself into the field of failure.
   Almost every successful person is warning the world: You cannot live by luck, especially luck to build a career. What's interesting is that most people believe in luck, and I think they are mistaken for chance. No chance, no luck.
John, think about the lucky ones you know. You can almost be sure that they are not gentle, courteous and frugal. They are also almost certain. They always exude the brilliance of self-confidence and the attitude of the world, and they may even appear very bold. . There is a problem of chicken laying eggs and chicken laying eggs. Are the lucky ones showing confidence and boldness because of luck, or is their "luck" the result of self-confidence and boldness? My answer is the latter.
   The god of fortune favors the brave is a motto that I respect throughout my life. Victory does not necessarily belong to the strong, people who are highly vigilant, energetic, courageous and fearless will also win. Of course, some people believe that caution is better than courage. But bravery and boldness are more compelling, more popular, and more attractive than caution, and cowardice cannot be compared.
   I have never seen people who do not appreciate confidence and determination. Everyone is a supporter of confident and determined people. I expect such people to be leaders. The reason why we are attracted by them is that they have a strong attraction. Therefore, brave people are often more successful and easier to serve as leaders, presidents, and commanders. Those who are promoted quickly belong to this kind of person.
   Experience tells me that people who are bold and decisive can complete the best deal, attract the support of others, and form the most powerful covenant. Those who are timid and hesitant can hardly reap such benefits. Not only that, bold methods are also beneficial to themselves. People with confidence expect success, and they will design all plans to pursue success in accordance with their expectations.
   Of course, this does not guarantee absolute success, but it can naturally launch a vision for success. In other words, if you feel that you are a winner, you will behave like a winner; if you behave like a winner, you are likely to do more winners, thereby changing your "luck."
   A true brave is not a arrogant arrogant, let alone a foolish man. The brave knows to use prediction and judgment to plan every step and make every decision. This approach is just like what military strategists say, it will increase your strength, that is, possess a weapon that can immediately form a clear advantage. , To help you defeat your opponent. This reminds me of the bold decision to buy the Laima Oilfield more than ten years ago.
Prior to this, the oil industry had not stopped the fear that crude oil would be exhausted for a day. Even my assistants began to fear that they would not be able to make long-term profits on oil and quietly sell the company’s stock; and some people even suggested that the company should be as early as possible. Withdraw from the oil industry and switch to other more stable businesses, otherwise our big ship will never be able to return. As a leader, the face of pessimism should always be hope rather than lament. I tell those in fear: God will give us everything.
   I felt God’s warm touch again, when people discovered oil in Lama, Ohio. It's just that Laima's oil exudes a smell that can't be removed by conventional methods, which deeply dampens the confidence of many people who want to make a lot of money there. But I am full of confidence in Laima Oilfield. I can foresee that once we monopolize Laima, we will have a strong power to rule the oil market. The opportunity is here, if you let it slip away quietly, Rockefeller's name will be associated with the pig. I solemnly tell the directors of the company: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it's time for me to invest my money in Laima!
   It is a pity that my opinion was opposed by the timid.
   to impose on others is not in line with my personality. I hope that through peaceful discussions, everyone can finally unify my opinions.
   It was a long and fruitless wait. I am worried. We have built a giant oil refinery on a global scale. It is like a hungry baby who is greedy for mother’s milk. It needs to eat a steady stream of crude oil. But the oil fields in Pennsylvania are dying, and the other small oil fields are dying. Production has begun to cut, and in the long run we will have to rely on Russian crude oil. It is almost certain that the Russians will use their control of oil fields to weaken our power, even defeat us completely, and drive us out of the European market. However, once we have Lema's oil resources, we will continue to be winners. Can't wait any longer, it's time for me to act!
   As I expected, conservatives still say "no" on the board. But I surrendered the opposition in a way that surprised them. I said: Gentlemen, if we don't want our huge ship to sink, we must guarantee our supply of crude oil. Now, the oil hidden in Laima is beckoning to us, it will bring us a huge wealth of dizzying. For the sake of God, please don't say that there is no market for the smelly liquid. I believe that everything God has given us has its value. I believe that science will clear our doubts. So, I decided to use my own money to make this investment and would rather take the risk for two years. If it succeeds in two years, the company can return the money to me; if it fails, I will bear all the losses myself.
My determination and sincerity touched my biggest opponent, Mr. Pratt, with tears in his eyes and excitedly said to me: "John, my heart is captured by you. Since you think you should do this, we Let's do it together! If you can take the risk, so can I!" The spirit of cooperation that we all prosper and lose everything is the spiritual pillar of our continued strength.
   We succeeded. We made every effort to invest huge sums of money in Laima, and the rewards were even greater. We controlled the largest crude oil production base in the United States in our own hands. The success in Laima has intensified our vitality and dominated us to start an unprecedented acquisition in the oil industry. As a result, as we expected, we became the most feared super fleet in the oil field and achieved unshakable dominance.
  John, attitude helps to create luck, and luck is in your choice. If you get it right 51% of the time, then you will become a hero.
   This is my deepest experience of luck.
   love your father
   October 7, 1898
  Rockefeller famous quote:
   1. Opportunity is your choice.
  2. If you do it right 51% of the time, then you will become a hero.
   3. If you act like a winner, you are likely to do more things that a winner should do, thereby changing your "luck."
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